2021 Eternal World Championship Format Announced

2021 Eternal World Championship Format Announced

The 2021 Eternal World Championship will take place on Saturday, February 12th and Sunday, February 13th. This 16-person event will feature all of our competitive formats, Draft, Expedition, and Throne. It will be an exciting weekend of live coverage of high-stakes Eternal action!

The players are set and we are excited to announce the official tournament structure and prize pool for the 2021 Eternal World Championship Event.

Event Structure

This year’s World Championship will feature all three Eternal formats (Draft, Throne, and Expedition) over two days with players bringing (or drafting) their best deck for each.

The event will begin with nine Swiss style rounds of best-of-three matches, with three matches in each format. After these rounds are completed, the players with the top four records* will advance to a single-elimination bracket where they will play best-of-five matches in the Expedition format.

* In the event of a tie for the top four spots, a single-elimination best-of-three playoff round will be held to determine the top four.

Day One – Begins 11:00 AM MST (18:00 UTC) on Saturday, February 12th, 2022

Swiss Rounds 1-3

  • 16 Players
  • 3 Rounds, Best-of-Three
  • Draft Format

Swiss Rounds 4-6

  • 16 Players
  • 3 Rounds, Best-of-Three
  • Throne Format

Day Two – Begins 11:00 AM MST (18:00 UTC) on Sunday, February 13th, 2022

Swiss Rounds 7-9

  • 16 Players
  • 3 Rounds, Best-of-Three
  • Expedition Format

*If Necessary* Playoff Round

  • Players tied for Top 4 positions
  • Single-Elimination, Best-of-Three
  • Expedition Format

Top 4 Single Elimination Bracket

  • 4 Players
  • Single-Elimination, Best-of-Five
  • Expedition Format
  • Same Expedition decks used for Swiss rounds

$55,000 Prize Pool

____Rank____ Prizes
1 $15,000
2 $10,000
3-4 $6,000
5-8 $2,000
9-12 __________________________$1,500__________________________
13-16 $1,000

Its been a long road to Worlds 2021, so long in fact, that we’re holding it in early 2022! The landscape of Eternal has grown and changed significantly since we set out, and we’re thrilled to see how the Championship plays out. Join us for the exciting conclusion of this season in Eternal, and cheer on our players!

2021 World Championship Competitors

You can learn more about all of our 2021 competitors, and how they qualified here!

PlayerQualifying Event(s)
LightsOutAceDefending World Champion
TheBoxer1st Place: Stormbreak $5K Throne Open
WatchWolf921st Place: Stormbreak $5K Expedition Open
Collecter1st Place: Empire of Glass $5K Draft Open
ColacomaTwo Top 4 finishes: Stormbreak $5K Throne Open & Empire of Glass $5K Draft Open
ddddd1st Place: Revelations $5K Throne Open
Imestr81st Place: Tuesday Night Eternal Spring Invitational
Karnage1st Place: Hour of Glass $5K Expedition Open
theovermaster1st Place: Revelations $5K Draft Open
iron_man1st Place: Hour of Glass $5K Throne Open
JNL1st Place: Tuesday Night Eternal Summer Invitational
lawwarrior1st Place: Cold Hunt $5K Expedition Open
Galeth882nd Place: Cold Hunt $5K Draft Open [1st place finisher, TheBoxer had already qualified]
PhoenixTwo Top 4 finishes: Revelations $5K Throne Open & Cold Hunt $5K Draft Open
RoninX1st Place: Cold Hunt Expedition LCQ
darkrevenger1st Place: Cold Hunt LCQ Invitational

And don’t forget to pre-order Eternal: Valley Beyond for the best deal and early access to new cards from the set! These new cards will surely play a role in shaping the World Championship!

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