2021 Eternal World Championship!

2021 Eternal World Championship!

Organized play returns to Eternal® with $100k on the line in the 2021 World Championship Series!

In 2020, the community capped off a year of great competitive play with the first ever Eternal Celebration and crowned LightsOutAce as Eternal’s second World Champion. Now we’re back for a new year of hard-fought grinds and topdeck blowouts, all leading up to the 2021 Eternal World Championship!

Here’s everything you need to know to jump straight into competitive play and fight your way to the title of World Champion:

The 2021 Eternal World Championship

Sixteen players from around the globe will qualify for the 2021 Eternal World Championship. Here’s how you can get in on the action and claim your seat at the top table:

  • 1x Reigning Champion – LightsOutAce
  • 9x Eternal Open Winners
  • 2x Community Tournament Winners
  • 4x Last Chance Qualifiers

Opportunities to qualify are spread throughout the season, with seats being awarded for achievement in multiple formats with each new set release!

Eternal $5k Opens

Going forward, each new Eternal set will be celebrated in marquee tournament events for each of our main competitive formats: Throne, Expedition, and Draft. In response to community feedback, this represents a substantial increase in competitive Draft coverage, with a clear path to World Championship qualification for players who master limited formats.

(Graphic Updated 12/20/21)

Our currently announced events for the 2021 organized play season will take place:

  • Stormbreak Throne $5k Open – March 26-28
  • Stormbreak $5k Expedition Open – April 16-18
  • Empire of Glass $5k Draft Open – April 30-May 2
  • Revelations $5k Throne Open – June 11-13
  • Hour of Glass $5k Expedition Open – July 30-August 1
  • Revelations $5k Draft Open – August 13-15
  • Hour of Glass $5K Throne Open – September 10-12
  • Cold Hunt $5K Expedition Open October 8-10
  • Cold Hunt $5K Draft Open – November 19-21
  • Cold Hunt Expedition Last Chance Qualifier – December 17-19
  • Invite-only Last Chance Qualifiers – January 22, 2022
  • World Championship – February 12-13, 2022

and will qualify more players for the 2021 Eternal World Championship!

Future Open dates to be announced later with an Open around once a month.

Event Structure

Each Open tournament will use the same structure, to reward sustained success across Eternal formats.

  • These events begin with a two-day Open Round in which players battle for the best records across 28 games.
  • The Finals Round takes place on the third day, Sunday, where the Top 64 finishers from the Open Round face off in an elimination bracket streamed live on Twitch.
  • The winner of the Finals Round earns a seat at the Eternal World Championship, with additional prizes for competitors who perform well.
  • New alt-art cards! Each of these events will reward a new alt-art card and packs based upon performance.
  • In addition to in-game prizes, these events will award cash prizes as follows:
       Finish    Finals Prizes
1st Worlds Invite & $1,500!
2nd  $1,000
3rd-4th  $650
5th-8th  $300

Mastery Medallions & Master Entry

To recognize ongoing achievement in Eternal, players who are currently in Master rank in any format – or who reached Master rank in the previous month – are eligible for Master Entry with two pretty sweet benefits:

  • 2 Byes – Master Entry starts you off with two byes in the Open Round, getting off to a strong 2-0 start, and that much closer to making the cut for the Finals!
  • Premium Alt-Art – Each Open includes alt-art cards among the rewards for every player. With Master Entry, your alt-arts will be premium!

And the best part…Master Entry comes at no additional cost, as a reward for who hone their skills outside of the tournament environment.

Players who qualify for Master Entry will receive a Mastery Medallion, which lasts until the end of the following month. So if you reach Master rank in March, you will last until the end of April – qualifying you for Master Entry to the Throne & Expedition Opens – but you’d need to reach Master rank in April or May for Master Entry to the May Draft Open.

Note: Mastery Medallions will become visible in-game before the first event, and will be retroactively granted to anyone who had reached Master on or after March 1st.

Community Tournaments

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you: the Eternal community whose spicy decklists, entertaining Twitch streams, and mostly just really terrible Reddit memes create a vibrant and welcoming home for Eternal players.

This year, the 2021 Eternal World Championship Series is excited to include the community-run Tuesday Night Eternal tournament series, which will be awarding two seats at the World Championship! With weekly events and broadcasts, players looking for more high-level action and paths to Worlds will have even more opportunities to compete.

Keen an eye out on announcements there for more details on how those invites will be awarded.

Last Chance Qualifiers

We get it: taking down the top spot at a tournament full of Eternal’s best players is no mean feat. That’s why we’re reserving the last four seats at the Eternal World Championship for players who repeatedly demonstrate excellence throughout the Championship Series, but never quite manage to claim the W.

  • Any player who reaches the Top 4 of more than one Open will receive an invite to the 2021 Eternal World Championship.

Additionally, players who reach the Top 16 of more than one Open will qualify for a special invitation-only Last Chance Qualifier event that will help fill any remaining seats at the World Championship!

(Note: In the unlikely event, 4+ players qualify through our “multiple top 4 finishes” path, the field will expand by an appropriate amount of slots to accommodate. While a remote event, we wanted to be upfront about how we would need to handle that.)

The race for the 2021 Eternal World Championship is about to begin!  We’ll see you on March 26 for the Stormbreak Throne Open as we send another player to Worlds!