3/10 Live Balance Update

3/10 Live Balance Update

It’s good to be back! With the $5k Stormbreak Throne Open just around the corner (March 26-28!), we have a few nerfs and buffs to announce to shake things up a bit in both Throne and Expedition.


Bring to JusticeNow 1JJJ (was 0JJJ)

Bring to Justice has been a staple Market card in Justice since its release, allowing people access to a 0-cost kill spell under some specific circumstances. The combination with Rime-Conclave Smuggler in particular has given Hooru access to a very strong turn 3 on-curve removal play. This change will make that harder to pull off, while still allowing Justice decks to have a low-cost removal spell if they’re willing to put in the work.

Winchest MerchantNow 2/2 (was 2/3)

Winchest Merchant has proven to be the most popular way for people to use the Market in Expedition, and has been a fixture in Soldier decks in particular. We’re pulling back slightly on its rate to give people some incentives to explore other market options for those decks going forward.

Krull, Xumuc OccultistNow SS: When Krull damages a player, play a unit from their void with cost less than or equal to the damage dealt (previously no influence requirement)

Krull gives players a powerful void option that operates very differently from most other cards. While it’s a lot of fun to find a Krull at the exact right moment and fish up something powerful from your void, the community sentiment has been that it feels wrong for non-shadow decks to get this powerful effect without even being able to play Krull from their hand normally. This change should help maintain the faction pie a little better while still allowing Krull to do her thing in decks actually working for Shadow influence.


We also wanted to take this opportunity to buff some lesser-played cards, in particular focused on giving some upgrades to underplayed Throne cards, and a little love to a poor, maligned Grenadin.

Brel, Solist ApostateNow 6FFJJSS (was 7)

Vargo Redclaw – Now 6/4 (was 5/4)

Talir’s Unwinding Now Fast

Tavia, Lethrai Raidleader – Now 4 to activate (was 5)

Triumphant Stranger Now plays a random Stranger at the end of your turn (was start of turn)

Voprex, Hope’s End Now permanently steals units

Cryptic MasterNow 2/2 (was 1/1)

Gren, Iron Martyr No longer a coward (Gren can now block)

Lethrai Soothsayer Now 3P (was 4)


Be sure to check out the Throne format on display with the $5k Stormbreak Throne Open, with the event running March 26-28, and official coverage on March 28th where we’ll see who earns an invite to our 2021 World Championship! Make sure to follow and subscribe to notifications over at our Dire Wolf Digital Twitch account to get notified when the action begins on March 28th!