Cold Hunt Patch Notes 11/12

Cold Hunt Patch Notes 11/12

Today’s patch addresses a variety of bugs present in Cold Hunt upon release. The full list of patch notes is below.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with Inscribe cards failing to play and disappearing from hand.

  • Fixed an issue where Dangerbot triggered from battle damage.

  • Fixed an issue where Eavesdrop failed to make the enemy player discard cards.

  • Fixed an issue where Greater Plans couldn’t be played unless you had a Hero.

  • Fixed an issue where Lord Thudrock’s ability wasn’t optional.

  • Fixed an issue where the Dragon’s Greed achievement could not be completed.

  • Fixed an issue where abilities that create and play random weapons always picked Doorknocker.

  • Fixed an issue where Prizefighter wouldn’t gain Lifesteal from weapons played via abilities.

  • Fixed an issue where weapons created by Bang, Sheriff of Dunehill kept their influence requirements.

Card Fixes:

  • Removed unnecessary hangers on Kickflip Monk.

  • Improved hinting on several spells and Contract abilities.

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