Dropsmas and the Community Store

Dropsmas and the Community Store

As we start December, Dropsgiving may have ended, but prepare yourself for Dropsmas coming later this month!

Here’s what you need to know now:

  • The alternate art Hero of the People has been retired from the drop pool.
  • Non-premium Rares and Legendaries can now drop!
  • Draft tickets and premium legendaries are still in the mix!
  • The Flame of Xulta packs are no longer in the pool, and standard packs from sets 1 – 6 will drop more often than they did during Dropsgiving.

Stay tuned for more details about the twelve days of Dropsmas!

Changes to the Community Store

We are also gearing up to make some changes to the Eternal Community Store. Starting next Wednesday (12/11), you can spend your Influence on:

  • Svetya, Orene of Kosul – Premium avatar and emote for 30,000 Influence.
  • Maelstrom Serpent – Totem for 35,000 Influence.
  • Enemies at the Gates – Card back for 40,000 Influence.
    • If you did not grab this card back when its League premiered, now is your chance!
  • Random Pack – One pack for 5,000 Influence. Updated to include packs of Defiance.

And we have two completely new offers coming to the Community Store:

  • 1 Draft Ticket – 50,000 Influence. One purchase per account per month.
  • 16 Packs of a Set – 72,000 Influence. You may purchase a pack bundle of sets 1 – 5 once per set per account.

Dropsmas is on its way, and new gifts are coming to the Community Store! This is also your last call to pick up the Steel Tempest card back, Copperhall Mintaur totem, or the Lieutenant Relia premium avatar before they leave!