Dune: Imperium Deluxe Upgrade Pack Shipping Update

Dune: Imperium Deluxe Upgrade Pack Shipping Update

Here’s an update on the Deluxe Upgrade Pack shipping situation.
They are on the move!

Orders for the Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand, are with our fulfillment partner and are packed and will begin shipping within the next couple of weeks.

For the United States and Canada, our vessel is clear of China and on its way, after having been delayed by typhoons, and then sitting anchored for over a week due to the recent port closure in Ningbo.  We have an ETA of the first week of September, and if that holds, the Packs should begin shipping over the couple of weeks that follow.

For Europe, unfortunately, things have moved more slowly.  We’re being given an estimated arrival in October and shipping to begin shortly thereafter.

In addition to the two corrected Missionaria Protectiva that we’ve added to your pre-order copies, we’re also going to include an upcoming promo, “Duncan, Loyal Blade” as a small additional “thank you” for everyone’s patience. This will be for everyone who has pre-ordered from us by September 3, when the pre-order period will end.

It’s been a challenging time industry-wide (and in many industries), for manufacturing and shipping issues. As always, we greatly appreciate your support and patience as we’ve worked through getting these into your hands.

For more frequent real-time updates, please visit our Discord, or keep an eye on the BGG forums.

And in case you missed it, here are some details about the upcoming expansion Rise of Ix from designer Paul Dennen!

All the best,

The Dire Wolf Digital Team