Pre-Order Dune: Imperium by 11/30!

Pre-Order Dune: Imperium by 11/30!

Update: Time is running out to pre-order Dune: Imperium! Place your order by 11/30 and let the spice flow!

The Desert Planet Awaits!

The all-new “deck-building & worker placement” board game from the creators of the award-winning Clank! series, Dune: Imperium is the first board game inspired by the upcoming Dune film, and the first original Dune board game in nearly 40 years.

Dune: Imperium Deluxe Upgrade Pack, Promos and Pre-Orders!

Dune: Imperium Deluxe Upgrade Pack

Enhance your Dune: Imperium experience with the Deluxe Upgrade Pack! This cosmetic expansion upgrades the components of the base game for a more immersive experience. The contents come in an oversized box with plastic storage trays that store the whole game (including room for sleeved cards).

Dispatch cunning agents to further your plans. Send loyal troops into battle on Arrakis. Employ the Mentat to outsmart your rivals. Claim the Alliances of the most powerful factions in the Imperium. With 65 beautifully sculpted miniatures figures and a hefty coin to bestow upon the first player, your game will be fit for an Emperor.

  • MSRP: $55

Dune: Imperium FLGS Promo!

Support your Friendly Local Game Store! We’re happy to announce a pre-order promotional card incentive for Dune: Imperium available through your Friendly Local Game Store!

Jessica has been forced to flee into the desert and the life she once knew has been left behind. Will her Bene Gesserit training help her to forge a new path to survival?

*This is a time-limited offer while supplies last. Check with your local retailer for availability.

Dune: Imperium will be available for pre-order from Dire Wolf on October 29 as the base Dune: Imperium board game and the optional Deluxe Upgrade Pack.

  • Dune: Imperium (MSRP $50) – Determine the fate of the Imperium on the barren world of Arrakis!
  • Dune: Imperium Deluxe Upgrade Pack (MSRP $55) – Upgrade your base game with premium cosmetic components, including 65 beautifully sculpted miniatures!

Pre-orders for Dune: Imperium are expected to ship in early December, and are expected to be available in Friendly Local Game Stores in the US and Canada before the end of the year. Pre-orders for the Dune: Imperium Deluxe Upgrade Pack are expected to ship in Q1 2021.


Control the Spice. Control the Universe. The battle for Dune is about to begin!


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