Empire of Glass: Amplify

Empire of Glass: Amplify

Bastion is a tough place to live. The residents have been forced to come up with ingenious solutions to squeeze the most out of everything they have and work together to keep things running smoothly. Of course, not everyone in the Bastion is committed to working together to make it a better place, some have more nefarious interests.

With Explosive Potential, you can truly unlock the full power of your units. You can mix and match it with Charge units to send huge beasts at your opponent’s face before they know what hit ’em, or with Overwhelm to create behemoths that can scarcely be blocked.

That’s right! Amplify is back. When you amplify a card, you pay an additional cost (not always power) to make your card stronger in some way. It can be more of the same as is the case with Explosive Potential here, or can give you something a bit different from what the initial card offered you.

With Daru Lee here, each Amplify lets you turn a unit in play into a sweet Dragon Simulcrae. Because it’s a transform effect, any of your units that you choose to transform that started the turn in play can attack immediately, making her a fearsome late-game finisher for an aggressive deck.

Of course, we’re not just bringing back Amplify, we’ve got some new twists on it as well:

With Bastion Garrison, you get paid off heavily for amplifying your cards, with a 2/1 Soldier immediately played for each amplification you do, and then if the Garrison sticks around, it bumps them up to 3/2s. Bastion Garrison means that any extra amplification you’re able to do will be put to fantastic use.

With new cards like Bastion Garrison rewarding you for the number of times you amplify, we’ve recently tweaked how things look when you amplify.

When you play Explosive Potential or other Amplify cards, that box on the right side of the playmat now displays how many times you are currently amplifying the card and how many times you could amplify it. As you click on additional units in your hand, that zero will update to how many times you’ll amplify. Once you’re done, you click okay and things start happening.

When we amplify Explosive Potential, we’re getting lots of bonuses that will overwhelm any enemy when they start attacking. Of course, some people would rather not mess around with the nasty business of warfare, and would prefer to just set their enemies on fire instead.

That’s hot! 4 damage for just three power AND it can’t be stopped by Aegis. Then the first amplify gets us up to 8 damage, another amplify is 16, and well, they’ll be dead before you need to count much higher!

Empire of Glass is coming to Eternal® on Monday…so this weekend is your last chance to get in on a sweet preorder bundle packed to the gills with awesome value!

We’ll see you on Monday for Empire of Glass!