Empire of Glass: Market Madness!

Empire of Glass: Market Madness!

In the tight quarters of the Bastion, you’ve got to make a deal to get ahead. While the great houses tightly control official commerce, a vibrant and thriving black market bubbles just below the surface. From the Reach to the Bellows, there are powerful options available to you if you just know where to look!  Here are some of the new ways to take advantage of your Market within the new set, Empire of Glass, coming next Monday:

It’s time to load up! Join in the Arms Race and right away we get a +1 strength on all of our units. That first strength bump is a solid boost that gets better with every unit we have out. That’s not all, as every unit in our Market gets stronger too with a +2 strength bonus.

What units could we stash in our Market that love a big boost to their strength? Whirling Duo is now a fearsome 5/3 Charge Lifestealer. How about a Killer unit like a Vorlunk Corps? Now it can hunt down some even bigger game.

Bastion is a dangerous place, and we’ll need a dutiful agent to help put offenders in their place.

With Customs Officer we get some removal for all kinds of units and a solid 3/3 body to go with it. By putting the unit away in the Market, Customs Officer sidesteps all the unpleasant paperwork associated with killing the unit and provoking its Entombs or other nasty effects like that. We’ll want to watch our Customs Officer’s back because if he falls, that unit will break out again.

There are new ways to get into our Market in Empire of Glass. We’ve seen units before that can fetch cards of their faction, but Rust Grafter goes a step beyond with her ultimate and can also draw factionless cards. Once we finish drawing from our Market, we get to give a unit in our hand +1/+1 and Decay. Maybe it’s a unit we just pulled from the Market that combines nicely with Decay like Lavablood Goliath. But it could also be a unit that was already in our hand. Let’s buff up our Black Sky Harbinger and now each unit we aren’t killing, we’re shrinking with Decay. 

While there are lots of sweet new ways to grab things from your Market like Rust Grafter, some things just have trouble staying put.

That’s one mean looking plant. Invasive Species comes down and attacks hard early, then, once the enemy deals with it, it spreads a copy to our Market. Of course, because it’s a Bargain card, we can also start with one in our Market in addition to up to three copies of it in our deck. Then, once we complete the Bargain quest, we can click on our Market and play any copies of the invader that have managed to spread to there. Now maybe our opponent can handle a 2/1 but if we start buffing that Mandrake with some more skills and stats, when it dies the copy will get those as well…

The Markets of Bastion are stocked up and you can get your first peek at Empire of Glass in the Draft preview going on right now with 61 cards from Eternal’s latest set in an exclusive new draft format. Cards you pick are playable in all constructed formats too, but time’s running short as it will be up for just a week before the set releases next week. Your chance to get the best deal is also going on right now with one of our pre-order bundles where you’ll get exclusive free rewards like an alternate art Maveloft Huntress just for pre-ordering.

Run to the Market for the deals today!