Eternal 2019 Draft Masters Challenge

Eternal 2019 Draft Masters Challenge

Update: We have added the total number of Qualifier games to the details below, as well as more information about Finals matches.

The road to the 2019 Eternal World Championship continues with the 2019 Draft Masters Challenge! The winner of each Challenge earns a spot in the $100,000 Eternal World Championship. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • The Draft Masters Challenge is open to all players who made the Top 100 of Draft between October 2018 and April 2019.
  • Players on Steam, iOS, or Android phones or tablets can participate in the Challenge. (Xbox One players are not yet eligible to participate in tournaments.)
  • Participating in the Challenge requires a registered and validated account and email address. This can be done through the Options menu in-game.
    • We strongly encourage players to register in advance of the Challenge. Please reach out to if you need help validating.

All players qualified for the Draft Masters Challenge should have received an email with information about the Event. If you did not receive an email, wish to verify that you are qualified, or have other questions, let us know at

  • The 2019 Draft Masters Qualifiers start on Saturday, May 18 at 11am MDT (17:00 UTC)
  • The Challenge is free to enter.
  • The format will be Sealed, consisting of 2x Omens of the Past, 2x The Fall of Argenport, 4x Dark Frontier.
  • Players will play 12 games for Leaderboard points, followed by up to 8 tiebreaker games.
  • The Qualifiers close sharply at 3pm MDT (21:00 UTC) the same day.
    • Games in progress may be completed until 3:15 MDT, at which time all scores will become final.
  • Players can complete their games at any time during the Qualifiers; there is no benefit or penalty for playing early, late, or throughout.
  • The Top 64 players from the Qualifiers will go on to the Finals!


  • The 2019 Draft Masters Finals will take place on Sunday, May 19, at 11am MDT (17:00 UTC).
    • Qualifying players must be online and ready to play when the Finals begins.
    • You will receive an in-game prompt to begin your draft when the Finals begins.
      • Admins will allot 45 minutes to draft and build your deck. There will be in-game messages with milestone warnings.
    • Once drafting has ended, you will receive an in-game prompt to join your first game. Your deck must be saved at this point.
    • There will be a short delay between the last active game in a round and the start of the next round.
  • The format will be Dark Frontier – Draft Pack – Draft Pack – Dark Frontier.
  • The Top 8 players from this draft advance to the next round, and participate in another draft.
  • All Finals matches will be best of 3 games, single elimination.
  • The winner of the Top 8 draft earns a spot in the Worlds championship!


  • Prizes will be received upon conclusion of the Finals.
  • All players get to keep what they opened or drafted during both phases of the Event, and in-game prizes will be awarded to participants based on standings.
  • All prize packs are from Dark Frontier.


Finish  Qualifier Prizes
1-64      Advance to the Finals!
65-100      8 additional Packs, 1 Draft Ticket
101-150     6 additional Packs, 1 Draft Ticket
151-225     4 additional Packs, 1 Draft ticket
226-350     1 additional Pack
351+      Only their Sealed Packs

Finish  Finals Prizes
1  Eternal World Championship invitation, 5 additional Packs, 1 Draft Ticket
2  4 additional Packs, 1 Draft Ticket
3 – 4 3 additional Packs, 1 Draft Ticket
5 – 8 2 additional Packs, 1 Draft Ticket
9 – 16  6 additional Packs, 1 Draft Ticket
17 – 32 5 additional Packs, 1 Draft Ticket
33 – 64 4 additional Packs, 1 Draft Ticket


One of the most exciting things about a new set and new tournament types is watching the many approaches to deckbuilding and competitive play! We’re letting our streaming community take center stage, and encourage participants to stream their draft and games! Special Twitch drops will be enabled for the Qualifiers and Finals, and we strongly recommend that all streamers set a 10-minute delay.

The Eternal software and all prizes are awarded “AS IS” and WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, express or implied, (including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose) and all such warranties are hereby disclaimed.  ALL FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL TAXES ASSOCIATED WITH ANY PRIZE ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WINNER.