Eternal Chapters: Last Chance for April Heroic Upgrade

Eternal Chapters: Last Chance for April Heroic Upgrade

Eternal Chapters give players the chance to explore specific stories from the world of Eternal and earn new promo cards each week! April’s Chapter follows the story of the beguiling rogue, Syl.

As April draws to a close, we want to remind players that this month’s four Chapter Missions will only be playable until Wednesday, May 4th, and this will also be the last chance to purchase the Heroic Upgrade to get the Exclusive Syl’s Ambition Avatar and 4x premium copies of all the Chapter promo cards!

You can purchase this month’s Heroic Upgrade directly from the Chapters page by hitting the “Heroic Upgrade” button.

Premium Chapter Avatars and promo cards will only be available while a Chapter is active, but for players who aren’t able to complete this month’s Chapter Missions before Wednesday, May 4th, there’s still a way to get the promo cards…

Chapter Catch-Up Bundle

Chapter Missions are only freely available during the month they are released, but for players who miss out on playing the Chapter and earning its promo cards, a special Chapter Catch-Up Bundle will be available in the Eternal store for 2500 Gold or 250 Gems after the next Chapter goes live.

This Chapter Catch-Up Bundle will include 4x of all four promo cards from their Chapter, as well as the ability to play that Chapter’s Missions in a future update!

Note: While players will be able to purchase a Catch-Up Bundle to get copies of promo cards they missed, the only way to receive premium copies of a Chapter’s promo cards and its Chapter Avatar are to purchase the Heroic Upgrade for that Chapter while it is active.

Best get to it, players! Log in and complete your Chapter Missions to earn this month’s promo cards and purchase the Syl’s Ambition Heroic Upgrade before May 4th to ensure you get all the premium copies and the exclusive Syl’s Ambition Avatar!

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