Eternal: Unleashed – 7/1/22 Patch Notes

Eternal: Unleashed – 7/1/22 Patch Notes

July 1st’s patch addresses a variety of bugs reported by the community. The full list of patch notes can be seen below.

Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where drawing Boundless Knowledge from another Boundless Knowledge while you had certain cards in your deck, such as Channel the Tempest, could cause the game to crash.
  • Updated the Bond hanger to clarify its interaction with Unleash: it pays toward the cost, rather than reducing it.
  • Fixed an issue where Leave Behind couldn’t be played if the only Giant was Shifted.
  • Fixed an issue where Scalesworn Patrol’s Empower failed if the player’s only other unit was Shifted.
  • Fixed an issue where playing units with both Stealth and Unleash could cause the client to get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where Stutterstep incorrectly refreshed the consumed abilities of weapons, such as Mastery, Ultimate, and Infiltrate.
  • Fixed an issue where units played by Zytrom, Twisted Mind could lose Deadly on zone change.

Card Issues:

  • Added the missing Overwhelm hanger to Pin the Jotun.

Known Issues:

  • Playing Merchants that had been granted Unleash can cause the market VFX to remain indefinitely.
  • Pyrotech Explosion selection is limited to the previous selection after canceling and replaying it.
  • Sleight of Hand’s draw animation is incorrect when transforming power cards.
  • Disciplinary Studies’ contract ability occurs while the is on the stack instead of after resolution.
  • Stirring Sand doesn’t give the opponent a response window.
  • Event Leaderboards don’t show unless you’ve joined the event.

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