Eternal: Unleashed

Eternal: Unleashed

Unleashed is now available!

“This city is something different to everyone. What do I call it? MINE.” – Syl, Cabal Chairwoman

After years of turmoil, peace has finally come to Argenport. What began as an uneasy truce between Eilyn, Vara, and Kaleb has blossomed into an era of newfound prosperity.

A festival air fills the streets as the people prepare for the first ever Feast of Unity, celebrating five years of Triumvirate rule. Colorful banners are hung from shop windows as cartloads of provisions stream steadily into Memorial Plaza.

But beneath the cobbled streets, in the sewers of Argenport, the twisted Dr. Zytrom puts the final touches on a very personal gift from his masters to their rulers above.

A gift that the survivors will never forget…

Chaos reigns in Argenport as the city runs wild! On Wednesday, May 11th, over 200 new cards arrive in Eternal®: Unleashed!

Pre-orders begin Monday!


One of the new keywords coming to Eternal when Unleashed drops on May 11th, Frenzy is sure to liven up the party!

Frenzy: Does something when you or a non-attacking unit hits the enemy player.

Frenzy can trigger from spells (Snowball), units (Censari Firebrand), and relic weapons (hitting your opponent with a relic weapon attack). Any time you trigger Frenzy, all your units with Frenzy will receive their bonus. In addition, Frenzy can occur multiple times in a turn, and at any point in the turn. There will be a more comprehensive article going over Frenzy in the near future, but in the meantime here’s one of the many exciting new cards with Frenzy.

With four health and Aegis, it isn’t going to be easy for your opponent to take care of Eilyn by your next turn, and that’s where the fun begins. With a simple act of Frenzy, Eilyn takes to the skies and gets closer to her Ultimate, Channel the Tempest, one of the most powerful Primal spells in the history of Eternal. Keep in mind that Channel the Tempest itself is a Frenzy enabler, allowing Eilyn (and all your other units with Frenzy) to keep pouring on the damage. 

The Unleashed Ultimate Pre-Order Bundle!

The Unleashed Ultimate Pre-Order Bundle will be available in-game and in the Eternal Web Store for $79.99, and includes:

  • 1 x Box (32 packs) of Unleashed to open on release day!
  • 5 x Unleashed Premium Packs – every card is premium!
  • 1 x Unleashed Premium Sigils!

  • 1 x Auric Casino Playmat Skin!

  • 1 x Unleashed Premium Card Back!

  • 1 x Let It Ride Premium Avatar!

  • 4 x Premium & regular alternate art Mystic Ascendant!


  • 5 x Draft Tickets!
  • 3,800 Gems!


Purchase your Ultimate Pre-Order Bundle directly from the Eternal Web Store and receive an additional

  • 3 x Draft Tickets!

The Unleashed Pre-Order Bundle!

Looking for an offer you can’t refuse? Unleashed will also be available in the Pre-Order Bundle for $49.99, so that you can get the one that’s right for you. You’ll receive:


  • 1 x Box (32 packs) of Unleashed to open on release day!
  • 1 x Unleashed Premium Sigils!
  • 1 x Unleashed Premium Card Back!
  • 1 x Let It Ride Premium Avatar!
  • 4 x alternate art Mystic Ascendant!
  • 2 x Draft Tickets!
  • 2,000 Gems!


Purchase your Pre-Order Bundle directly from the Eternal Web Store and receive an additional

  • 1 x Draft Ticket!

The Playmat, Premium Sigils, Avatar and Card Back will be separately purchasable after the release of Unleashed, but the Pre-Order Bundles will disappear when the new set drops. Don’t miss your chance to get the best value!

Unleashed Draft Preview!

Starting Wednesday, May 4th, a special preview of Unleashed will be shaking up Draft!

A curated pool of 42 new cards (36 collectible and 6 created) from Unleashed will appear in Eternal Draft Packs, and will be immediately legal for Throne and Expedition play. As always, you keep any cards you draft, so the Draft Preview is a great way to grab some new toys before the new set’s release!

Auric Deal ‘Em – Unleashed Preview Event!

The citizens of Argenport are indulging their desire to play high-stakes cards, and why shouldn’t you? Join the Auric Deal ‘Em preview event to get a taste of the city’s favorite card game and a preview of what’s to come in Eternal Unleashed!

  • Bring your best two-faction throne deck for a high stakes game of Eternal!
  • A run goes on until a player achieves ten wins or three losses, whichever comes first, with rewards based on your total number of wins.
  • You may enter as many times as you like, but only your first five runs count toward leaderboard placement.
  • A special event rule will be in effect to up the ante on matches. (More info to come in a future post!)
  • The Auric Deal ‘Em Unleashed Preview Event will run from Friday, May 6th at 10:00 AM MDT (16:00 UTC) to Tuesday, May 10th, at 4:00 PM MDT (22:00 UTC).
  • Entry costs 300 Gems or 4,000 Gold.
  • All packs will be from Unleashed – packs will be available to open once Unleashed releases on May 11th!

Run Rewards

____Wins____       Prizes
10 8 packs, 1 Premium Legendary, 1 Premium Rare
9 8 packs, 2 Premium Rares
8 7 packs, 2 Premium Rares
7 6 packs, 2 Premium Rares
6 6 packs, 1 Premium Rare, 1 Rare
5 5 packs, 1 Premium Rare, 1 Rare
4 5 packs, 1 Premium Rare
3 4 packs, 1 Premium Rare
2 4 packs, 1 Rare
1 4 packs
0 3 packs

Leaderboard Rewards

___Rank___       Prizes
1-10 4 Packs, 2 Gold Chests


2 Packs, 1 Gold Chest, 1 Silver Chest


1 Pack, 2 Silver Chests
101+ 2 Silver Chests

Community Spoilers!

You can hit the jackpot with a new unique card from Unleashed to spoil for the Eternal community!

There will be an extremely limited number of spoilers available in the Community Store for 35,000 Influence each. If you manage to get one, you can share it with the community however you’d like – write an article, make a video, donate it to a favorite streamer – all we ask is that you don’t misrepresent the actual card.

Community Spoilers sell out fast, so you’ll need to get your clicking finger ready for when each batch goes on sale:

  • Batch 1: Thursday, April 28 at 10am MDT (16:00 UTC)
  • Batch 2: Wednesday, May 4 at 10am MDT (16:00 UTC)
  • Batch 3: Friday, May 6 at 10am MDT (16:00 UTC)

Good luck, and to the victors go the spoilers!

Give in to your wildest impulses when Unleashed hits Eternal on May 11!

Pre-orders begin Monday!