Event: Blind Date!

Event: Blind Date!

Kindling Carver is playing matchmaker, and it’s got a special someone for you to meet!

Bring a Throne deck to this constructed event with a special rule:

When you play your first unit in a turn, you will also play a random unit with the same cost.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Blind Date event costs 4,000 gold or 300 gems to enter, and uses the Throne format.
  • Each run is 7 games win-or-lose.
  • Your first 3 runs count towards your Leaderboard placement.
  • You may enter as many times as you like.
  • The Blind Date event will run from Friday 2/14/2020 at 10:00 AM MST (17:00 UTC) to Monday 2/17/2020 at 4:00 PM MST (23:00 UTC)
  • Run rewards include packs from Echoes of Eternity, and a new alt-art Xultan Seek Power.
    • Once you have earned four copies of Seek Power from the event, premiums become craftable as usual.

Run Rewards

Wins       Prizes
7 6 packs, 1 x Premium Rare, 4 x Seek Power
6 6 packs, 1 x Rare, 3 x Seek Power
5 5 packs, 1 x Rare, 3 x Seek Power
4 4 packs, 1 x Rare, 2 x Seek Power
3 4 packs, 1 x Premium Uncommon, 2 x Seek Power
2 4 packs, 1 x Seek Power
1 3 packs, 1 x Seek Power
0 3 packs

Leaderboard Rewards


Rank       Prizes
1 3 x Gold Chest
2-10 1 x Gold Chest, 2 x Silver Chest
11-100 3 x Silver Chest
101+ 2 x Silver Chest

Seek your soul mate (or maybe just Seek Power) in the Blind Date event this weekend!