Everdell Server Update

Everdell Server Update

Server Update

Everdell’s Server Update contains several bugfixes to improve online play.

  • Matches will no longer freeze when a user resigns during another player’s selection prompt.
  • Minor changes have been made to the way the Crane and Dungeon are played.

We are still investigating other potential issues related to the Crane and the Dungeon. If you come across any problems with them, please use the feedback tool in game via settings to send a game report to us.

Please note: this server update will only fix issues for online games. Players may still experience these issues in offline games. We are working on offline fixes now, expect more updates soon!

As always, if you’re enjoying playing Everdell, please take a moment to leave a review – it’s the best way to help other players discover the game, Thanks for your support!

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