Expedition: Format Changes and Live Balance Updates

Expedition: Format Changes and Live Balance Updates

Update: In light of the Time of Ancestor’s ECQ and after considering thoughtful player feedback, we’ve made a small modification to the campaign cards joining Expedition, adding Sodi, Wingbreaker instead of Saber-Tooth Prideleader.

We are announcing some changes to Expedition format for Eternal®, as well as changes to how we will be handling live balance updates.

Today, we will be adding cards from The Trials of Grodov and Dead Reckoning to Expedition. We believe that these campaigns add depth and fun to Expedition, and we hope that players enjoy exploring these cards in an entirely different format. We will be excluding a few cards, much in the same way we curate the cards that are available in Draft (and therefore Expedition.) We believe we can create a better experience by exercising discretion over which cards we introduce, rather than either adding micro-campaigns in their entirety or excluding them from consideration. As such, HailstormEquivocate, Saber-Tooth Prideleader, and Gnash, Desert Prince will not be included in Expedition at this time.

With these changes, we are also aware that the list of rules for what is Expedition legal is getting longer. As before, this page will have up-to-date information. But if you are in the game, we are taking steps to make it clearer there as well.

When you are in the deckbuilder, you will see two new set filters. First, you’ll see the Eternal Draft Pack. Clicking on that will show you all the cards in the current draft packs you draft with The Flame of Xulta. All those cards remain Expedition legal, but it will now be easier to see them.

Expedition Archives is our second new filter. There you will see all the campaign cards and promo cards that are currently legal in Expedition.

Selecting the Expedition format filter will have three set filters turned on: The Flame of Xulta, Eternal Draft Pack, and Expedition Archives. These three filters will contain all cards legal in Expedition.

We are also planning a more predictable approach to live balancing. We intend to announce upcoming live balance changes within a week of the end of a monthly Chapter rollover.

These updates are largely due to the feedback of our Eternal community. So we hope you enjoy the new changes!