New Event: Dark Tidings

New Event: Dark Tidings

With glimpses of what may be, navigate a path through the Dark Frontier and emerge triumphant!

Dark Tidings is a special format event with the following special rules:

  • Both players begin with 2 Power, two cards in hand, and a preconstructed deck containing only Sigils.
  • Each player sees two random cards at the start of their turn, and chooses one to add to their hand while giving the other to the opposing player.

  • The event costs 2,500 gold or 200 gems to enter.
  • You may enter as many times as you like, and each run will be seven games, win-or-lose.
  • There is no leaderboard.
  • Prizes are a minimum of two packs of Dark Frontier and one premium uncommon, with more wins for more prizes. The maximum prize for one run is six packs and two premium rares!
  • Dark Tidings begins Friday, June 14 and runs through Monday, June 17.

Prophets are driven mad by evil portents… which will die first, your sanity or your opponent?