New Event: Loyalty Oath

New Event: Loyalty Oath

Will you burn with Fire, control the flow of Time, mete out Justice, blast with Primal force, strike from the Shadow… or remain Neutral and pave your own path?

Swear fealty and choose your allegiance. Bring your best mono-faction deck to battle in the new Loyalty Oath event!

Loyalty Oath comes with special deck construction rules:

  • Your constructed 75-card deck may contain cards from only one faction.
    • Neutral (factionless) cards are allowed.
  • You may not switch decks during a run of the event. You may submit a new deck for each run.

  • Each run of the event costs 2,500 gold or 200 gems to enter.
  • Each run consists of 7 wins or 3 losses, and awards at least 2 packs of Dark Frontier.
  • You may attempt up to 5 runs total.
  • The leaderboard awards more Dark Frontier packs based on final standing, up to 15 packs.
  • Loyalty Oath begins on Friday, June 21, and runs through Thursday, June 27.

Show your opponents why your faction (or no faction) is the best, and battle to the top of the leaderboard!