New Promo: Lord Balancer Steyer

New Promo: Lord Balancer Steyer

Lord Balancer Steyer Promo Quest

During the quest period, your first PvP win of the day will reward you with a copy of Lord Balancer Steyer.

Once the promo period is over, you’ll be able to craft the card using Shiftstone as normal.

The Lord Balancer Steyer Promo Quest begins today and will run until Monday, April 5th!

Lord Balancer Steyer Promo Card

Premium Avatar

The Lord Balancer Steyer premium Avatar will be available in the store for 300 Gems for a limited time.

Lord Balancer Steyer Avatar

Theme Deck

The Lord Balancer Steyer theme deck will also be available in the Store for 500 Gems for a limited time, and includes the avatar and 4 premium copies of the new promo!

Steyer's Security


  • 4 x Seek Power
  • 3 x Auric Bully
  • 2 x Badge of Honor
  • 2 x Chainwhip Bludgeoner
  • 2 x Crownwatch Longsword
  • 2 x Lurking Brute
  • 2 x Rebuke
  • 2 x Shadow Walk Cloak
  • 1 x Vanquish
  • 2 x Auren Taxation
  • 1 x Execute
  • 2 x Seasoned Drillmaster
  • 3 x Steyer's Beckoning
  • 2 x Triumphant Return
  • 3 x Auric Official
  • 2 x Deathstrike
  • 1 x Lethrai Falchion
  • 4 x Lord Balancer Steyer
  • 2 x Minotaur Lighthoof
  • 1 x Sharp Tactician
  • 2 x Streetwise Informant
  • 2 x Send to Market
  • 1 x Tavrod, Auric Financier
  • 2 x New Order Watchwing
  • 12 x Justice Sigil
  • 9 x Shadow Sigil
  • 4 x Seat of Vengeance

75 cards

Export Copied!


Get ready for a new ruler as the Lord Balancer Steyer Promo Quest begins today!