Promises by Firelight Patch Notes

Promises by Firelight Patch Notes

New Features: 

  • The new Promises by Firelight campaign is live! Journey into the past and play through the stories of the Xultan Champions to collect 21 new and exclusive, Expedition-legal cards!
  • Premium versions of alternate art cards will now be craftable if a player owns four copies of the non-premium alternate art.


Bug Fixes:

  • Invulnerable VFX should now properly disappear at the end of a turn in some cases.
  • Promo cards in the Expedition Archive should no longer display the promo rarity when viewed in Collection.
  • Updated the Overwhelm hanger to include language about defending Sites.
  • Fixed an issue where echoed cards would incorrectly present face-down and remain on the screen if the hand maximum was surpassed.
  • Users on Switch should now be able to properly submit feedback when using a controller.
  • Fixed issues with targeting opponent avatars on mobile.
  • Units that are invulnerable to damage should now properly be affected by the Dinomancy Enthusiast boss power.

Card Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where playing Lay Siege in response to an Edict of Linrei could cause game instability.
  • Soulflame Rider’s cost reduction should now no longer be capped at 3 reductions due to Decimating.
  • Fixed an issue where Mistrust did not display proper Justice VFX.
  • Kemmo’s Blueprints cast with Onslaught should now grant the drawn weapon +1/+1 before Echo creates a copy.
  • Fixed an issue where Borderlands Lookout’s stats did not immediately update when some powers were played.
  • Vara’s Sanctum’s wording has been updated: “While you have exactly one unit, it has +3 strength, Deadly, and Lifesteal.” Its functionality is unchanged.
  • Fixed an issue where Karvet, Solar Dragon’s voice lines were cut off by the summon cultists.
  • Burr-Spore Fern’s text should now be consistent in all languages.
  • Improved the VFX for Eilyn, the Rising Storm summon effect.