Rise of Ix Shipping Update 1/21/22

Rise of Ix Shipping Update 1/21/22

Good news!

The Spacing Guild has finally been appeased, and the Heighliner containing Rise of Ix has arrived safely at our warehouse.

We’ve started breaking down the overall shipment to prepare it to go out to players, and we’ll begin shipping games on Monday.  Given the volume of orders, we expect that it will take around two weeks to get all of them out the door.

You should receive a shipping confirmation email when your order is being processed, though it might take a day or so between the time when you get the email and the time when your order is moving through the carrier’s system.  We’ll post an update here when shipping is completed

Thanks so much for your patience and support through all of the international shipping delays over these past months; we can’t wait to get Rise of Ix into your hands, and we’re very excited to (finally) have things moving again!

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