Root Patch 1.27.4

Root Patch 1.27.4

Update: Patch 1.27.4

Patch 1.27.4 contains bug fixes after our recent Matchmaking update!

  • Players should now be able to complete all tutorials without encountering softlocks
  • Vagabond Quests will now display the correct amount of VP
  • The live game timer now lasts 5 minutes instead of 3 minutes

Root Patch 1.27.3


  • Improvements and updates to online timer functionality
  • Updated terminology for more clarity
  • 3m timer games are now called Live
  • 3d timer games are now called Asynch
  • Live game reconnection process is more forgiving and has improved messaging
  • Players may now do other activities while waiting for a live game to start
  • Timers now reset after players complete their turn rather than after each action taken


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues around undoing Scorched Earth, Sanctify, Cobbler, and Player Setup
  • Implemented improvements to the Clockwork Expansion
  • Corrected Localization issues
  • Repaired an issue that prevented the match from progressing when Marquise used Field Hospital after Vagabond Strike
  • Fixed an issue where Command Warren activation was skipped if the opponent played a card during combat
  • Resolved issue where resuming a Pass and Play game could cause the wrong Faction HUD to be displayed
  • Trade Posts now display the correct Suit during Combat
  • Corrected a visual bug that displayed Quest VP incorrectly in games with two Vagabonds
  • Resolved a bug preventing Woodland Alliance AI from using Revolt in certain Challenges



  • Fixed an issue causing the resolution to default to 1:1 when a supported resolution was not present.

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