Root Patch 1.29.3

Root Patch 1.29.3

The new 1.29.3 patch for Root includes a variety of bug fixes and small updates to address issues reported by the community.

General Fixes

  • Selecting the wrong button during quest rewards no longer undoes the action for Vagabonds.
  • Fixed an issue where Riverfolk couldn’t battle using League of Adventurous Mice when they had no funds.
  • Fixed various issues where Riverfolk would get the wrong number of funds back after using undo.
  • Using Propaganda Bureau in a Keep clearing will no longer cause the game to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where dismissing an Informants prompt was causing players to miss their card draw.
  • Fixed an issue where Eyrie Emigree was allowing players to use Mercenaries during Birdsong.
  • Coffin Makers no longer spawns a giant warrior that freezes the game.
  • Fear the Faithful will now activate right away when a Garden is lost rather than being delayed.
  • Clearing rule is now correctly recalculated after False Orders is used.
  • Fixed an issue where Vagabond was illegally moving allied warriors across rivers with Boat Builders.
  • Moving with False Orders now triggers Outrage for the correct faction.
  • Woodland Alliance Revolt can no longer be undone.
  • Fixed an issue where Marquise were unable to make their last clearing selection when placing wood.
  • Various other minor visual improvements.

Clockwork Expansion Fixes

  • Damage caused by the Marksman ability now displays
  • Automated Alliance will now place sympathy correctly in non-adjacent clearings
  • Fixed an issue where Electic Eyrie would not complete their full turn when using the Swoop trait.

Switch Fixes

  • DLC content is now available when playing offline.

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