Root Update 1.27.2

Root Update 1.27.2

Patch Notes: 1.27.2

Patch 1.27.2 contains bugfixes for The Riverfolk Expansion, and the ability to block users. As always, we appreciate your feedback and support as we continue to make Root the best digital experience possible. If you do encounter an issue or need help, please drop us a line at or via in-game feedback so we can see what’s up.

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  • Added ability to block users in chat.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Castle Siege challenge couldn’t be beat.
  • Fixed an issue causing Riverfolk Services prompt to be dismissed without player input.
  • Using chat will no longer be interrupted when the turn passes to another player.
  • Non-recommended faction combination warning no longer displays when using random factions.
  • Vagabot Marksmen ability will now correctly animate the removal of an enemy warrior.
  • Fixed an issue where AI in the Fair Fight challenge had extra starting cards in hand.
  • Hawks for Hire animation will no longer appear off screen in some resolutions.
  • Lizard Cult Sacrifice ability will no longer display the wrong card when used multiple times.
  • Fixed various issues where undo would not restore the previous game state correctly.
  • Resolved a softlock that could occur when Riverfolk caused Outrage with a favor card.
  • Resolved various instances of cut off highlights and black visual artifacts.
  • Resolved various display issues in action log.

AI Improvements

  • AI are more aggressive against a Riverfolk player hoarding dividends.
  • Factions make better choices when buying cards using Riverfolk services.
  • Improved Marquise logic for buying the Mercenaries service.


  • Added warning for android devices using unsupported UI scale.