Root Update 1.27.5

Root Update 1.27.5

Patch Notes 1.27.5

Patch 1.27.5 contains bug fixes and quality of life improvements!


  • Added visual cues to distinguish which clearings are available to build in for Marquise de Cat.
  • Players can now read tooltips of cards mentioned in the Action Log.

Bug Fixes

  • Eyrie no longer deals rolled hits when their last warrior is removed by the Marksmen ability in the Marksmen challenge.
  • Resolved a visual issue where a Woodland Alliance supporter was not displayed if gained when the deck was being reshuffled.
  • Reduced the frequency of Eyrie Dynasties AI entering turmoil when options are available to fulfill their decree.
  • The AI will no longer exclusively choose to play as the Ranger Vagabond.
  • Removed Dominance cards from Challenges where they are not relevant.
  • Fixed an issue where the Vagabond icon would change while moving on a Riverboat.
  • The Electric Eyrie now displays the correct icon.
  • Players should now see the correct amount of VP when viewing Vagabond quests.
  • The Outrage card selection panel will now only display when there are cards to select.


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