Sagrada Update 1.4.3

Sagrada Update 1.4.3

Sagrada Patch 1.4.3 contains bug fixes and quality of life improvements to the overall performance and stability of of the game.


  • Sagrada games can now be launched through the Dire Wolf Game Room app.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players would connect to an online game with a blank window pattern.
  • Fixed an issue where some games against AI were missing a save and exit button.
  • Connectivity error messages will no longer display when starting a Daily Challenge.
  • Players will no longer be disconnected when the host of an online game resigns.
  • Improved the stability of connections when playing Daily Challenges.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the game would crash when booting up on OSX.
  • Fixed an issue where window patterns would flash at the end of the game before returning to the main menu.
  • Players near the top 20 of the daily challenge leaderboard now properly display their position.
  • Resolution is no longer reset on OSX when restarting in windowed mode.
  • Switch users are no longer able to play campaign games they haven’t unlocked.
  • The text “Henrique Wins” no longer displays when completing a Daily Challenge. Sorry Henrique!

As always, we appreciate your feedback and support as we continue to make Sagrada  the best digital experience possible.  If you do encounter an issue or need help, please drop us a line at so we can see what’s up.

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Thanks for playing!

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