Shadowlands Stories Bundle

Shadowlands Stories Bundle

The roiling wastes of the Shadowlands echoed with whispers of riches and power, and drew adventurers in search of glory. Those few who returned brought stories that changed Myria forever.

Get caught up on premium content from Eternal®‘s history with the Shadowlands Stories Bundle, coming Wednesday, 1/13!

Shadowlands Stories Bundle

The Shadowlands Stories Bundle includes 4x copies of each premium promo card, the matching premium avatar, and the matching premium card back for Chapters 30-34. It will be available for $39.99 in-game and via the Eternal Web Store, or on Nintendo Switch for 5,000 Gems.

The Heroes included in this limited time bundle are:

Every hero in the bundle comes with:

  • 1x Premium Avatar
  • 1x Premium card back
  • 4x Premium promo cards

But wait! There’s more! 

Every bundle comes with 1 box of Dark Frontier – 32 packs with 3 Legendaries guaranteed!

Last Call for retiring bundles!

When the Shadowlands Stories Bundle releases, two older bundles will be retiring from the store. Don’t miss out on your chance to pick up some great cards and cosmetics at a great value!

Whispers of the Throne Bundle:

Shadow of the Spire Bundle:

Bundles are the best way to get a great deal, grow your collection, and show off your style…but they don’t last forever. Pick up yours while they’re available!