Skycrag Glacier Playmat Bundle

Skycrag Glacier Playmat Bundle

UPDATE 8/5: After listening to player feedback, we’ve made two substantial changes to the Skycrag Glacier Playmat Bundle, which will be returning to in-game stores tomorrow, 8/6:

  • First, the price of the Bundle has been lowered from 6,ooo Gems to 5,000 Gems on all platforms. For two full Expedition-legal boxes and a Draft ticket — in addition to the new playmat itself — we think that’s a good deal that is well in-line with our values of pricing transparency and generosity, and we greatly appreciate all of the player feedback we received to help us reach that point.
  • Second, for players who like the playmat but might not want to purchase the full Bundle, the Skycrag Glacier playmat will be available by itself for 1,500 Gems starting on 8/13.

Cosmetic pricing is always a tricky thing and, while we agree that we missed the mark the first time around, we think these two changes make for great value on a sweet new playmat and a whole pile of packs.

As always, thanks for your feedback, and thanks for supporting Eternal!

Looking to beat the heat? Slide into battle on the new Skycrag Glacier Premium Playmat!

Skycrag Glacier Playmat Bundle

Starting tomorrow, the Skycrag Glacier Playmat Bundle will be available in-game for 5,000 Gems, containing:

  • The Skycrag Glacier Premium Playmat
  • 1 x box of Argent Depths
  • 1 x box of Echoes of Eternity
  • 1 x Draft Ticket

Get ready for frosty fun when the Skycrag Glacier Playmat Bundle releases tomorrow, August 6!