Social Distance and Eternal

Social Distance and Eternal

With many folks staying indoors at the moment, we want to make sure that you all had a number of ways to play Eternal and have fun online together—whether you’re a veteran cardshark or a greenhorn bounty hunter.

Eternal is free to play on Windows and Mac via Steam, iOS and Android phones and tablets, Xbox One™ and the Microsoft Store, and the Nintendo Switch, so however you game, you can grab your boots and tell your friends to meet up online!

Draft Ticket Bundle

Starting this Friday, 3/20, Draft tickets will be on sale in the Store!

A bundle of 5 Draft Tickets will be only 2,000 Gems, and the offer will be available until Monday, April 20th!

Midweek Mini-Events!

Every week for the next 8 weeks, we will be running a different free Event! Here’s what you need to know:

  • These Events will run from Tuesday, 10am MDT (16:00 UTC) to Thursday, 4pm MDT (22:00 UTC).
  • The Events will all be free to enter, and offer some sweet rewards!
  • These Events will reprise favorite boss rules and other deck format challenges.
    • The first event (starting Tuesday, 3/24) will be a Commons-only Throne Event!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for announcements of future midweek mini-Event rules and themes!

Eternal Communities

We are proud to have a number of fun and active Eternal online communities. If you are keeping inside and are looking for a place to swap deck ideas, talk strategy, and socialize from the comfort of your living room, you can check out our subreddit, Facebook group, and the Dire Wolf Gaming Discord server.

And if you are looking for more adventures to undertake alone, you can check out the Renegade Companion App on iOS and Android! The app can turn your copies of Clank! And Clank! In! Space! into a single-player experience. Happy treasure hunting!


Stay safe and healthy out there,

The Dire Wolf Digital Team