Solo Mode in Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne!

Solo Mode in Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne!

With so many of you practicing social distancing, we thought it would be the perfect time to introduce Solo Mode to Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne. Solo Mode offers a unique challenge against a powerful automated enemy. All you need to play is your own copy of Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne and the new rules presented in this article.

Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne is available from the Dire Wolf Digital web store.

Solo Mode – Rules

In Solo Mode, you face off against the nightmare Eremot, an automated opponent that levels up throughout the game.

Changes to Set Up

Place 3 Seek Power cards on top of the Eternal Throne.

You take the first turn and draw a starting hand of 5 cards.

Choose Difficulty

Standard: Eremot starts at level 0.

Legendary: Eremot starts at level 1.

Scion: Eremot starts at level 2.

Leveling Up

Once the game has begun, Eremot levels up each time you shuffle your deck. Use a Diplomacy card from the unused components to mark each level. At levels 2 and 4, it unlocks an additional ability that lasts for the remainder of the game. When it reaches level 7, you lose!


At the start of Eremot’s turn, it plays the top card of the forge deck. This is its Vanguard card. Then, it may play additional cards: one if it’s at least level 2, and two if it’s at least level 4. For each card, it plays the leftmost card from the forge row that matches at least one influence symbol on its Vanguard card. Put both cards into Eremot’s play area before using their effects or refilling the forge row.

Any time one of Eremot’s cards would go to the discard pile (units that have blocked or dealt damage, destroyed relics, played spells, etc.), it is instead banished.

Level Reference

Level 2: Eremot plays the leftmost card from the forge row that shares influence with its Vanguard card.

Level 4: Eremot also plays the second leftmost card from the forge row that shares influence with its Vanguard card.

Level 7: You lose!

Resolving Card Abilities

When Eremot plays a new card, place it to the right of the card it most recently played. Once all cards have been played, resolve its card effects from left to right (starting with any relics remaining from previous turns).

Exception: “When” and “whenever” effects are resolved when their condition is met.

There are some exceptions to how Eremot resolves abilities on spells and units.

  • Ignore Voidbind.
  • When Eremot would draw a card, it plays the top card of the forge deck instead.
  • Eremot does not spend power to purchase cards.

Additionally, Eremot does not use the abilities of these cards:

  • Talir, Who Sees Beyond
  • Barbarian Camp
  • Oblivion Spike
  • Acquisitive Crow
  • Ripclaw Rider’s “Acquire a spell…” ability
  • Gorgon Fanatic’s card draw ability (Eremot still gains 3 health)

Choosing Targets

  • Eremot resolves all “you may” abilities if able, so long as it is using positive effects on its own cards and negative effects on enemy cards. (Use your own best judgment on what qualifies as positive and negative.)
  • When Eremot would destroy one of its units or give one its units +Defense, it chooses the one with the lowest strength. In all other cases involving a unit, it chooses the one with the highest strength.
  • If an effect would grant a skill (flying, lifesteal, etc), Eremot chooses from units that don’t already have that skill.
  • When choosing a relic, Eremot chooses the one with the highest cost.
  • When choosing to banish from the forge row, Eremot selects the leftmost card.
  • If a card offers Eremot a choice between two options (such as Kaleb, Uncrowned Prince), it takes the first option. (If this is not possible, or is prohibited by Eremot’s targeting rules, it takes the second option instead.)

In the case of any tie, you choose between the qualifying cards.


After resolving all of Eremot’s card abilities, it blocks your units. Go through each of the steps below, in order. In each step, Eremot always works from its lowest-strength unit up to its highest, trying to block the highest-strength enemy units it can. You choose in the case of ties. Eremot repeats each step as many times as necessary (until it has no more possible blocks in that step).

Step 1) Endurance — Eremot uses its Endurance units to block.

Step 2) Defense — Eremot uses its units that have + Defense to block.

Step 3) Damage Rewards — Eremot tries to block any of your units that reward you for dealing damage. (This includes all your units with Berserk or Lifesteal, plus Gorgan Fanatic, Crimson Firemaw, Acquisitive Crow, and Recurring Nightmare. Damage from Magma Javelin is not considered.)

Step 4) Fatal Damage — If the combined damage of your remaining units is enough to win the game, then Eremot begins blocking, one unit at a time. (It stops blocking immediately when this is no longer the case.)

Any remaining enemy units will attack you on your turn as normal. Note that because Eremot only blocks in step 4 to keep from losing the game, there will be times it chooses not to protect itself so that it can attack you instead.

Optional Advanced Rule

Power Surge: Cards that trigger an ability if Eremot “generated 7 or more power this turn” instead trigger if at least TWO of its cards generated ANY power this turn.

This raises the difficulty by increasing the relevance of enemy cards related to power.

Eremot is a powerful foe, and you’ll need to be bold and cunning if you want to take the nightmare down.

We’d love to hear your feedback about Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne Solo Mode! Come join fellow Chronicles players on the Dire Wolf Discord to share war stories from your battles against Eremot and let us know what you think!

And keep an eye out for more socially distant gaming ideas and ways to continue enjoying your favorite games from home!

Stay safe, everybody!

The Dire Wolf Digital Team