What is Eternal?

What is Eternal?


What is Eternal Card Game?

Eternal is a fast-paced digital strategy card game, where six-guns and sorcery combine with polished design for infinite possibilities. The only limits are your own creativity.

Eternal is truly free to play. Craft cards and test your decks against the AI Gauntlet. Keep all the cards you pick from Draft and Forge. Hone your skills against other players on the Ranked ladder and monthly Events. And fight through dramatic, world-shaping Campaigns alongside the gunslingers, valkyries, and heroes of Myria!


What is the difference between Eternal and Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne?

Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne is a physical tabletop game for 2-4 players that combines deck-building games and strategy card battlers into an intense strategic experience.

Eternal is a digital CCG where players collect cards and create decks to take on a variety of challenges. Play against the AI or other players in a variety of game modes, including monthly leagues, ranked ladders, booster draft, all the way from daily challenges to the Eternal World Championship, there’s something for everyone!


How do I play Eternal?

Eternal is free to play on Steam (Windows and Mac), iOS and Android phones and tablets, Xbox One, and coming to the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019!


How can I learn more about Eternal?

Check out the Eternal web page for current Events, announcements, and lore, and our FAQ for details on the game rules and other questions!

Eternal also has a great, friendly community of supportive players. Check out the following resources if you want to talk strategy, ask for advice, or find other Eternal enthusiasts!


I pre-ordered Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne! When will I receive the game, and when will I get the bonus content for Eternal?

Congrats! If you pre-ordered Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne, you will receive a code for a free Digital Draft Ticket for Eternal Card Game in your email receipt, so go create an account and dive in!

Every copy of Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne also includes a physical code card to redeem the following for Eternal Card Game:

  • 1 Digital Draft ticket
  • 10 Eternal Digital Card packs
  • 1 exclusive Curiox Dragon Totem

Pre-ordered copies of Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne should begin to ship in July, and will be available at your friendly local game stores, releasing officially by Gen Con 2019!