Where did Casual go? Ranked Practice Mode!

Where did Casual go? Ranked Practice Mode!

We love giving players tons of options for how they want to play their games, and we’re excited to announce Practice Mode. While climbing the Ranked ladder can be extremely fun and gratifying, it isn’t the perfect game mode for every situation.

Sometimes players want to test out new cards and strategies, or just play games without the stress of potentially losing progress on the ladder. With Practice Mode, you can play games against the right level of competition to hone your deck and skills.

How to find Practice Mode

  • On the main landing screen, clicked the “Ranked/Practice” button.
  • Once on the Ranked screen, click the “Practice Mode” button at the bottom. This will turn on Practice Mode.

What is Practice Mode?

  • When Practice Mode is turned on, your games don’t count towards your Ranked rating, win or lose. As usual, you can lose rank when other people pass you by. (This is the same as if you weren’t playing in Ranked Mode.)
  • You will still be paired against people of a similar rank, just like in Ranked Mode. You can also be paired against people who don’t have Practice Mode turned on.
  • Your current rank and your opponent’s rank are displayed as usual. Your opponent will not know if you have Practice Mode turned on, and you will not know if your opponent has Practice Mode turned on.
  • When you win a match on Practice Mode, you will always receive a Bronze chest (with the normal chances of upgrading into a Silver chest, and beyond).

We’re excited about this new opportunity for you to practice your new decks and strategies. It was player feedback that created Practice Mode, so keep it coming! We’re anxious to hear what you think.