Wings of Glory Update 1.1.0

Wings of Glory Update 1.1.0

Wings of Glory Update 1.1.0

Wings of Glory’s 1.1.0 update adds new map sizes to the game creation options, and also contains several fixes to bugs reported by the community.

New Features:

  • Additional map sizes! We’ve implemented a game creation option which allows players to play with larger maps. Players can now choose from Normal, Bigger (increases map dimensions by 50%), and Huge (increases map dimensions by 100%).

The “Bigger” map is noticeably larger but still allows for a fairly fast-paced and tight game, just with a bit more room to maneuver. The “Huge” map opens up some new strategic possibilities, especially for planes with high speed but low maneuverability, and leads to a slower-paced game.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where chat window was too big on some devices.
  • Fixed an issue where chat button & window did not always display on the end of game screen.
  • Increased Tooltip text size to improve readability.
  • Fixed pixelation & artifacting that could occur during the opening cinematic.

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