Worlds: Players & Prizes

Worlds: Players & Prizes

July 13-14 are the dates for the Eternal World Championship! Check out this article for an explanation of the format.

We’ve heard two questions about Worlds: Who are the players, and what is the prize payout? Those answers are here!

World Championship Players

UsernameRoad to the World Championships
Adreus2nd place ECQ: Defiance 12/2/2018
Avyoine2nd place ECQ: Price of Freedom 2/10/2019
CollecterWinner of ECQ: Homecoming 3/17/2019
DarkestHourWinner of ECQ: Burning Hope 1/13/2019
Erik9099Winner of ETS Community Championship 3/24/2019
GT100Winner of ECQ: Price of Freedom 2/10/2019
Johnkkez2nd place ECQ: The Winter Crown 4/14/2019
ManuSWinner of ECQ: Dark Frontier 5/5/2019
noverb2nd place ECQ: Homecoming 3/17/2019
PopotitoWinner of ECQ: The Winter Crown 4/14/2019
Relwin2nd place of Ranked Masters Challenge 5/26/2019
RhuarkWinner of Draft Masters Challenge 5/19/2019
Tikrit47Winner of ECQ: Defiance 12/2/2018
TobbooWinner of ECQ Showdown, 6/2/2019
TonyGeeeee2nd place ECQ: Dark Frontier 5/5/2019
trumpets2nd place ECQ: Burning Hope 1/13/2019

Finish Prize
1 $30,000
2 $15,000
3-4 $8,500
5-6 $6,000
7-10 $3,500
11-16 $2,000

Join us for broadcast coverage for both Saturday and Sunday at 11 am MDT (17:00 UTC), live on Twitch.

We’ll have more details soon, so stay tuned to our social media for updates!