Deck Check: Caiphus, Wandering King

Deck Check: Caiphus, Wandering King

Long live the king. Myria’s lost king, Caiphus, has been found at last. Now it’s time for you to see firsthand what he learned in his time away.

Caiphus’ summon ability may be random, but harnessing that power is anything but. The key is that Caiphus can only gain skills he doesn’t have. So if he has Endurance from Infinite Hourglass or Berserk thanks to Dusk Raider, he will gain 3 other different skills. The more we teach our king, the greater chance we hit a devastating mix. Double Damage plus Unblockable. Flying plus Lifesteal. Let’s just say they manage to kill him. He doesn’t forget the skills he learned and Dark Return just got a whole lot juicier.

Let’s check out some decks.

Caiphus' Revenge


  • 4x Dark Return
  • 2x Swear Vengeance
  • 4x Xenan Lifespeaker
  • 2x Annihilate
  • 2x Crownwatch Paladin
  • 4x Cull the Deck
  • 2x Devour
  • 2x Paladin Oathbook
  • 4x Piercing Grief
  • 2x Sleeping Draught
  • 2x Stalwart Silverwing
  • 4x Tranquil Scholar
  • 2x Vanquish
  • 3x Slay
  • 4x Stonepowder Alchemist
  • 2x Unseen Commando
  • 4x Caiphus, Wandering King
  • 6x Justice Sigil
  • 2x Crownwatch Standard
  • 6x Shadow Sigil
  • 4x Amethyst Waystone
  • 4x Argenport Banner
  • 4x Seat of Vengeance

75 cards

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Here we have an Argenport Revenge deck. For opponents, Swear Vengeance on Caiphus will be a brutal sight. Once Caiphus dies, sooner or later, he’s coming back and gaining three more skills. Tranquil Scholar and Xenan Lifespeaker are early plays that will suit up Caiphus with some extra skills before he learns his three.

If you’re looking for more ways to protect Caiphus from a Slay or Harsh Rule, you could play some Protect, but Sleeping Druaght is the real perfect card. Caiphus will immediately come back, gain 3 more skills, and be ready to attack on your turn.

Caiphus' Crown


  • 4x Dark Return
  • 4x Permafrost
  • 4x Seek Power
  • 3x Amaran Armadillo
  • 4x Dusk Raider
  • 4x Second Sight
  • 4x Trail Maker
  • 4x Auralian Merchant
  • 4x Clockroach
  • 3x Crown of Possibilities
  • 2x Breeze Dancer
  • 1x Spiritward Shaman
  • 2x Twinbrood Sauropod
  • 4x Caiphus, Wandering King
  • 7x Time Sigil
  • 1x Temple Standard
  • 3x Primal Sigil
  • 3x Cobalt Waystone
  • 1x Shadow Sigil
  • 4x Crest of Wisdom
  • 4x Seat of Wisdom
  • 2x Seat of Cunning
  • 3x Seat of Mystery
  • ------------MARKET---------------x
  • 1x Equivocate
  • 1x Crown of Possibilities
  • 1x Cirso's Choice
  • 1x Cirso's Cleaver
  • 1x Twinbrood Sauropod

80 cards

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Every king needs his crown and Caiphus is perfectly fitted for Crown of Possibilities. Here we have an Elysian Crown of Possibilities deck with Caiphus and Clockroaches in tow. We’re also utilizing a number of Inspire units like Amaran Armadillo, Dusk Raider, Breeze Dancer, and Spiritward Shaman to increase how skillful our units will be. The real nice bit of trickery is playing Dark Return and Second Sight so that we can draw our Caiphus and Clockroaches again once we’ve got our Crowns and Inspire units set up to do some teaching.

Ultimately, as a factionless card with this much raw potential, Caiphus is like nothing seen before in Eternal. Every single card, faction pairing or deck represents a new possibility. While Caiphus may be back, he’ll only be available a short time to win with your first PVP win of the day.

So get in there and win, your king demands it of you.