Defiance Theme Decks

Defiance Theme Decks

When Defiance releases tomorrow, five new Theme Decks will be available for 250 gems or 2,500 gold!

The decks are packed with value and, for the first time, Defiance Theme Decks each include a signature build-around Legendary card! And with the bonus gems you get from purchasing a Founders Package directly from the DWD Store, it’s easier than ever to pick up all five and see what Defiance has to offer.

Let’s take a peek!

You met Darya when Amplify was revealed. Now she’s back, and shes brought a little friend…who brings some much bigger friends when you Amplify your way to a full-on stampede!

It can be hard to find good help, which is why Tavia packs her own! She comes down early, and as the game goes on she finds lots of dangerous uses for even the lowliest Sigil. Take your pick: A pair of Lethrai, or a buff to your growing army?

Keep your oath…or end up in chains! Martyr’s Chains makes a pretty strong case for keeping your promises. Once these bad boys go on, your units will be getting huge, and your enemies will be getting dead. It’s a good thing it costs 8, though – if there was some way to cheat expensive relics into play, Martyr’s Chains could tear you apart!

We all want to be the best, whether it’s in the Throne room, on the battlefield, or at the forge. Kemmo may still be an apprentice, but he makes an exceptionally mean suit of armor! When you combine Renown units with these monstrosities, you can expect to be famous (and victorious) in no time!

“No…please…not another one…”
– Your Opponent

Have you ever known the simple joy of having twelve Cirsos in play? No? Quicksilver Mirror can fix that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and no matter what you're into, the Mirror can show you what you want to see.

Kick off your exploration of Defiance with these sweet Theme Decks when they hit the store tomorrow!