Envoys Test Tournament Finals

Envoys Test Tournament Finals

Well…this is why we test.

This weekend’s Envoys Test Tournament didn’t go quite as we had planned.

The good news is that (despite appearances) the underlying tech actually worked correctly; the problems we hit in the Finals resulted from human error in how the player database had been configured. So the silver lining here is that this test tournament revealed a critical problem, but one that’s relatively easy for us to correct going forward.

So, let’s go forward! Here’s the plan.

Envoys Test Tournament Finals

  • Everyone who finished the Envoys Qualifiers in places 65+ will be granted their Leaderboard rewards in the next day or so.
  • Everyone who watched Envoys on Twitch will receive 3 packs and one premium copy of Overheat, as a thank you for your patience and support as we chase the grenadin out of the workshop.
  • Finalists who qualified for the Top 64 of Envoys will be invited back to complete the tournament this coming Sunday, November 11, at 11 am MST (18:00 UTC). (This will not be broadcast.)
    • Players are not required to play the same deck that they originally used.
    • Game results from this past Sunday have been discarded; the Finals will restart at Top 64.
    • In addition to the previously announced prizes, everyone who qualified for the Top 64 will receive 5 additional packs of each of The Empty Throne, Omens of the Past, and The Dusk Road (15 additional packs total), and a premium copy of End of the Story.
    • Players who are unable to compete this coming Sunday will still receive prizes as if they had lost in the first round of the Finals.

Up next:

  • Our next test tournament will begin next Friday, November 16, with the Finals broadcast on Sunday, November 18. More details on that will be announced next week.

Finally, thank you to everyone who participated or tuned in for your ongoing support of tournaments in Eternal!

…now we’ve got to get back to work. 😉