Eternal Code of Conduct

Eternal Code of Conduct

In order to ensure an open and fair playing field and maintain the spirit of Eternal competition, this Code of Conduct will be in effect for all Eternal events, including but not limited to events associated with the Eternal World Championship.

Players are expected to abide by the rules laid out here, and any infraction may be met with penalties, up to and including disqualification and forfeiture of prizes, future qualifications, and bans from Eternal Organized Play.


  • Players must play on their own verified account and may not join tournaments with multiple accounts.
    • Accounts must be verified through the in-game Options menu with a valid email address.
  • Players may not exploit in-game bugs.
  • Collusion is strictly forbidden – players may not manipulate matchmaking during asynchronous play, or concede in exchange for anything during any phase of the event.


  • During their matches, players may not watch or listen to the live broadcast, or seek out information about their opponents that could be used to gain an advantage in play.
  • Spectators may not assist players in any way.
  • Players may choose to stream or otherwise broadcast their own matches. It is recommended they stream with a delay to remove the incentive for their opponents to watch their stream.


  • Players are expected to treat their opponents, Dire Wolf team members, and the community at large with respect.
  • Discrimination, harassment, hate speech and bullying will not be tolerated in-game, on social media, or elsewhere.
  • Players are expected to display sporting behavior in-game as well – excessive emote use, intentionally timing out, or any other forms of unsporting behavior are forbidden.


  • In-client match results, standings, and Leaderboards are considered final.
  • Leaderboard standings are determined by combining Leaderboard point totals and Tiebreaker points.
    • Leaderboard points determine your placement on the overall Leaderboard.
      • In single-run events, at the end of each match, players are awarded 30 Leaderboard points for a win, and 1 Leaderboard point for a loss.
      • In events that allow multiple runs, at the end of each match, players are awarded 30 Leaderboard points for a win, and -1 Leaderboard point for a loss.
    • Tiebreaker points are used when two or more players share a Leaderboard point total. At the end of each match, players are awarded Tiebreaker points based upon their opponent’s Leaderboard point total at the time of the match.
  • When playing an event, winning as much as possible should always be your goal. It is always better to finish your event runs out, as losses are better than nothing. In the event of a tie, the player who faced opponents with better records – tougher competition – will end with the higher leaderboard standing.


Dire Wolf Digital employees, contractors, their spouses and dependents are not eligible to participate, both during their tenure with Dire Wolf Digital, and for a period of up to two years thereafter.