Introducing Interactive Twitch Drops

Introducing Interactive Twitch Drops

Not only is Eternal rewarding to play, soon it will be rewarding to watch as well!

We’re excited to announce the Community Store, our innovative new program for giving out rewards to both viewers and streamers of Eternal. This program will use interactive Twitch drops that give out Influence, earnable points which you can use to buy all sorts of in-game content and perks. We will be rolling this program out soon, with an initial test in the coming weeks.

How do interactive Twitch drops work?

Interactive drops are in-game rewards you receive for watching Eternal streams on Twitch. With interactive drops, our goal is to support Eternal‘s great streamers with an easy, hands-free system that rewards their stream viewers with free stuff.

As a viewer, you will be presented with a small Bronze chest on the stream multiple times per hour. Clicking on the chest will earn you bonus Influence, with a chance to upgrade to a Silver chest worth twice as much!

What is Influence?

Influence is the currency you earn by watching Eternal streams. You can spend Influence in the Community Store, a new section of the in-client store, which lets you pick what rewards you want for your drops. To begin testing the Community Store, it will offer Card Backs, Avatars, Totems, and Card Packs, with more coming soon (including some exciting big-ticket items).

What do streamers get?

Streamers don’t have to click chests to get drops – they are busy playing! Instead, streamers get the full amount of Influence per hour as if they were watching and hit every chest. Additionally, streamers can get even more Influence based on their viewership – the more viewers they have, the faster they accumulate Influence! Streamers must have Waystone active for this to take effect.

How do I enable Interactive Twitch Drops?

Everything we do with Twitch needs your accounts to be linked. If you haven’t done so yet, you can link your Eternal account to your Twitch account here. If you have already linked, you’re already most of the way there!

Viewers then should click the “activate drops” button in the bottom right corner of the Twitch channel they are watching (that channel must have Waystone enabled). This will open a small dialog where you can grant us permission to see your Twitch ID in the extension. We’ll use this to send you chests to click!

Streamers, you must have Waystone enabled on your channel, which can be found here.  You will not need to give us additional permission through Waystone, we will calculate your Influence by your stream activity and viewership.

How do traditional Twitch Drops fit in?

Traditional Twitch drops with random rewards will be given out in addition to interactive drops for special occasions like major tournaments and event weekends.

…including this weekend during the Here to Help! event! Catch some Doorbot goodness on stream, and walk away with some new friends!

Rebroadcasts and Other Streams

Update 10/26/2018: Interactive Twitch Drops are designed to encourage and reward interaction between streamers and their fans. We don’t have a problem with folks who want to rebroadcast streams or videos or other Eternal content, but it’s not really what this system is for. Going forward, Interactive Drops will only work in streams connected to streamer accounts that are playing Eternal.

So if you’re rebroadcasting or otherwise AFK, Drops will cease to function; they’ll automatically pick back up when you start playing again. Those who circumvent these activity checks with botting or other scripted behavior, will have their accounts barred from participating in Eternal’s Twitch Drops program, accumulated currency removed, and may also be subject to having their Eternal accounts banned altogether.

If you’re a tournament host or otherwise running legitimate live Eternal streams that don’t involve you playing the game, drop us a line at and we can help make sure your ability to offer Interactive Drops to your viewers is not interrupted.