New League: Spoils of War

New League: Spoils of War

Argenport has fallen to the invading Clans…now what comes next?

A new sealed League kicks off the next chapter in the ongoing story of Eternal with a new premium card back: Spoils of War!


The Spoils of War League introduces packs from The Fall of Argenport into League play:

  • When you join, you get eight packs: two packs of The Empty Throne, two packs of Omens of the Past, and four packs of The Fall of Argenport.
  • Each week of the League, you’ll now get two new packs to add to your pool. This will be two packs of The Dusk Road in the second week, one pack of The Empty Throne and one pack of Omens of the Past in the third week, and two packs of The Fall of Argenport in the fourth week, for a total of 14 packs over the course of the League.
  • Leaderboard prizes include a minimum of four packs of The Fall of Argenport, one premium Uncommon card, and the new premium card back. So all players will end up with at least 18 packs from the League (14 from play, and four from Leaderboard rewards).
  • Everyone who participates will receive the new Spoils of War card back upon conclusion of the League.
  • The cost to participate in July’s League will be 12,500 Gold or 1,100 Gems.

The Chapter 20: Spoils of War League begins Monday and will run through Tuesday, July 31.

See what The Fall of Argenport brings to Eternal sealed play, and get ready to crack some packs and build your way to victory!