Rule the Skies Over WWI Europe

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Ace Pilot

The year is 1917. All across Europe, men battle in the muck and mire of the trenches while colorful biplanes fly through the smoky skies. These “knights of the air” fight gallantly to achieve air superiority. Take command of the early flying machines of WWI to shoot down your enemies, complete reconnaissance missions, and become one of the first flying aces!

Meticulously adapted for digital play from Ares Games’ groundbreaking WWI dogfight Wargame, Wings of Glory brings strategic tabletop action to PCs, phones and tablets!

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Become A Flying Ace!

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Strap in for the excitement of WWI fighter combat! Play cards to perform tricky aerial maneuvers to outsmart your enemies and lead your aces to victory.

Ace Pilot 1
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Complete Secret Missions!

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Test your skill with twelve tactical challenges, and battle cross-platform against players on Steam, iOS, and Android!

Ace Pilot 2
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Expand Your Hangar!

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Recruit eight planes and fourteen aces to expand your fleet! Will you outmaneuver your foes in the speedy Fokker D.VII? Or overwhelm them with the superior firepower of the Airco DH.4?

Ace Pilot 3

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